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The Power of Diversity in the Workplace: Celebrating Black History Month

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Racial injustice at work is a harsh reality, that persists in the United States and the United Kingdom. People of color face unemployment, discrimination, and ostracization based on their racial identity. In this context, celebrating Black History Month is an opportunity to honor the contributions of the black community.

What is Black History Month? Black History Month, initiated in the UK in 1978 and the US in 1976, emerged to acknowledge the overlooked accomplishments of black Americans. It is a time to recognize the history, resilience, and sacrifice faced by the black community over the centuries.

7 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month At Work:

quote from dr. mae jemison for black history month
  1. Support Black-Owned Business:

  • Invest in black-owned businesses to empower the community economically.

  • Encourage team members to shop online from black-owned stores.

  1. Learn about the Black History in your Area:

  • Explore local museums and libraries to discover the contributions of the black community in your area.

  1. Donate for a Cause:

  • Contribute to nonprofits supporting racial equality, such as organizations focused on education and economic empowerment.

  1. Organize a Diversity and Inclusion Event:

  • Conduct workshops and invite artists from various backgrounds to share their experiences.

  1. Celebrate Black Literature:

  • Promote classic and contemporary works by black authors; host a company-wide book reading event.

  1. Be a Mentor:

  • Support black talent by becoming a mentor for young professionals or coworkers.

  1. Support Black Art and Artists:

  • Appreciate the diversity of black creatives by celebrating their contributions in various forms.

Black History Month is a call to action. Implementing these 12 ways can transform workplaces into equitable, diverse, and discrimination-free environments. By acknowledging and celebrating the power and resilience of black employees, companies contribute to a more inclusive society.


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